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Information For Suppliers

Lab COVID-19’s product database was established to help medical supplies purchasers make better informed procurement decisions by providing authoritative product information about COVID-19-related supplies such as test kits, PPE and ventilators.

To curate this information, we rely on expert contributions from end-users such as medical professionals and procurement decision makers, product information submitted by manufacturers, and third-party information such as media reports and the FDA database.

  • If you are a supplier and would like to add a product to our database, please contact us.
  • If you are a supplier and would like to edit information about a product that is listed in our database, for example updating its certifications, please contact us.

Lab COVID-19 has established supply arrangements that connect customers that require critically in demand supplies with wholesale purchasing options from suppliers.

  • If you are a supplier and would like your products to be made available to purchasers who request procurement help from Lab COVID-19, please contact us.