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Honeywell H801 N95 Respirator


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N95 respirator



Company origin


Certifications & Standards

FDA (USA), CE (Europe), TGA (Australia), ISO 13485, NIOSH-42CFR84 (USA)

Brief description

The Honeywell H801 is a NIOSH N95 certified single-use respirator without valve, with a PU nose foam seal, designed to provide exceptional fit and comfort.

Lab COVID-19 Trust Score

Trust score: 100%
Reviewer comment: NIOSH-certified gold standard respirator.


Detailed information

Overview of the Honeywell H801 N95 Respirator

Key Features

  • H801 protection: filters at least 95% of solid and liquid aerosol’s that do not contain oil.
  • Nose clip is metallic which is easy to shape around the nose.
  • Twin, latex-free, straps are elasticated fabric, fully welded to the mask. These are sweat absorbent and provide an excellent degree of tightness.
  • High performing, humidity-resistant & low breathing resistance filter media.
  • Lightweight design to reduce wearers’ fatigue.
  • Easy to wear with safety spectacles, goggles, giving an excellent field of vision: comfort and versatility means greater efficiency on the job.
  • The shell incorporates and arc shaped ribbing for anti deformation.
  • Existing with high performance exhalation valve to breathe out easily


  • Airborne Particulates
  • Biohazard
  • Chemical Contamination Gas
  • Vapors
  • Smoke

Regulations: NIOSH – NIOSH 42 CFR 84 Class N95

Historical Brand:Honeywell


Size: one size
Model: cup style

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